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Meet the CEO – VuVu Stone Collection

Meet the CEO



VuVu Stone Collection was founded in 2007 by its directors Betty Phiri Chibwe & Oliver Chibwe.  The idea was prompted by the fact that we love hosting parties but also enjoy the attention of making a fashion statement while doing this. We are in fashion not just for style but to communicate the value, creativity and originality of profound femininity combined with male sobriety at best. Some call it the wealthy factor we call it the VuVu Stone Collection.

We strongly believe that understanding what we wear is not simply about style  it is a reflection of who we are inside, what we feel out side, what we want to say without saying a word!  It is adornment with meaning, an expression of creativity and aspiration aura, a field of subtle, luminous radiation supposedly surrounding a person or object like the halo.


We provide authentic and unique touch of fashion; exquisite, elegant couture with a touch of Africa. Our fabric is quality so you are guaranteed to own your pieces for a very long time ..  Our pieces are timeless – meaning, they never go out of season. Our vision is to customize the outfits for you while letting you decide your color coordination. Each color of the fabric we choose and design has a precise meaning, indicating a precise emotional state.

We always leave a lasting mental and emotional emanation with our fashion statement. We have learnt that dressing up or looking good is more than a physical satisfaction; it also builds your confidence, self esteem and assists in healing, the elevation of the soul and mind to the higher VuVu. It is VuVu, welcome to the collection; Come and pick one..

Thank you for all your support.

On behalf of the VuVu Stone TEAM, we wish to take this time to thank all the models, photographers and staff for thier hard work during the photo shoot, the fashion shows and for believing in us from the start. And of course our customers from aroud the globe. You guys rock!

Founder/Owner of VuVu Stone Collection

Betty Phiri Chibwe